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Sling & Stone

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Vuki Vujasinovic, Managing Director, Sling & Stone

With Vuki Vujasinovic

Managing Director, Sling & Stone

Sling & Stone is the PR agency of choice for disrupters, entrepreneurs, and challenger brands. Clients range from venture-backed startups to listed global brands, and everything in between.

The challenge

The Challenge


Before Qwilr, Sling & Stone used a combination of presentation tools, Word, Google Docs, and PDF to create reports, share credentials, and pitch for new business.

Countless hours were spent creating a document that, at the end of the day, looked like not much more than a lot of words on an A4 piece of paper. They did their job, but without a dedicated designer on the team, our outputs never quite looked as good as we had hoped. The right information was there, but until we found Qwilr, it was too hard (expensive or time consuming) for our pitch documents to look as good as we felt they deserved to.

The solution

The Solution


Appearance and perception are in the DNA of a PR Agency. Having the ability to connect with clients and aligning business objectives is what sets Sling & Stone apart from others. In order to make an even more powerful case, they turned to Qwilr because of the power of presentation.

The main way Qwilr has benefited Sling & Stone is by helping to create documents that look as good as they deserve to, without having the ability to have a full-time designer on staff.

The most positive experience we’ve had is that WOW factor when someone receives a Qwilr for the first time. Whatever we create in Qwilr looks absolutely brilliant. It helps show our work in the best light, and is downright impressive when clients (or potential clients) see a qwilr we have made for them.

The results

The Results


Qwilr has helped Sling & Stone win more business. Using Qwilr, Sling & Stone are able to communicate campaign ideas in a much clearer way. Internal documents, such as quarterly/annual reports have also been greatly enhanced by Qwilr, and are viewed in a much more aesthetically pleasing way.

I would tell others considering Qwilr that there is no better way to bring their documents to life. We’ve all been there — receiving a document you know you have to read but it looks terrible and is clunky to boot. Qwilr eradicates all of that, to the point that receiving one is somehow a joy!

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