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Kath Thornhill, Project Manager, Modal

With Kath Thornhill

Project Manager, Modal

MODAL is a results-based leadership specialist, helping organisations achieve results through their people.

The challenge

The Challenge

Customer Satisfaction

MODAL faced two challenges. The first was improving customer satisfaction by speeding up the processes of closing a deal and commencing work on a project.

The biggest frustration was for our customers! They were required to print a PDF document, sign, scan and email the document back before any work could proceed. This caused major delays and frustration in our front-end sales process.

Secondly, MODAL was using too many tools to create their proposals, including:

  • Excel (to calculate quotes)
  • Word (to design the actual Proposals / Service Agreements)
  • PDF (emailing or printing files)

Using so many tools, there was little to no design consistency in the documents being produced, and errors were often found in the calculation of quotes due to the use of old/incorrect spreadsheets.

Before we chose Qwilr, our sales process consisted of multiple tools… The process was frustrating because was no design consistency in the proposal documents produced.

The solution

The Solution

Closing more deals

With Qwilr, MODAL is now closing deals and commencing work on projects faster than ever.

The time lag from developing a proposal and receiving sign-off from our customers has reduced significantly. This means work for our customers can begin quicker! Our customers simply have to push a button and/or include and e-signature for the delivery of work to begin.

In fact, MODAL is winning more work than ever with Qwilr.

Qwilr has been extremely positive for MODAL. It gives us the transparency we never had when tracking accepted and pending proposals. Since signing up to Qwilr in August, we have created 38 Proposals/Service Agreements, of which 31 have been accepted, and at least 3 more are expected to be accepted before the close of the year. That is a success rate of nearly 90%!!!

The results

The Results

Winning more work

MODAL’s sales team is now able to focus on winning work rather than tediously producing proposals. With consistent brand fonts and colors, template cloning, a Library of saved content blocks and easy quoting with the Quote Block.

With Qwilr, we have made our tools easy, intuitive and transparent.

The MODAL team is now producing proposals faster than ever and doing its brand justice with accurate, comprehensive and consistently designed proposals that look great on any device.

The feedback we’ve received from clients has been extremely positive!

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